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Dr. Harris Cohen's book Lessons Learned: How to Negotiate the Life you want to live is quite the read. Normally, I consider myself a pretty well put together person, but there are areas of my life that even I know need investigation and improvement. After receiving this book as a gift, and making the time to check it out, I learned a lot more about myself than I'd anticipated. Through relatable scenarios, often-funny asides,clever analogies and instruction on how to better manage aspects of my daily routine, I'd found that the book had truly done me some good. By following some of the exercises contained within the book I've been finding myself becoming better organized, as well as more goal oriented. I recommend that anyone looking to better themselves or perhaps just wanting a firmer grasp on their daily routines check this book out. We can all use a little guidance every now and again to make better use of our time, and not lose our minds in the process. I'd say anyone looking to do some extra good for themselves should pick this up.
Steven R. Seigh

Dr. Cohen offers some sage advice about how to make better choices for a better life. All of his personal stories have a message, but they are also entertaining. I was really touched by his childhood experience of accompanying his father to a major league baseball game for the first time.
JJ Young

Dr. Cohen's books is truly motivating and inspiring, it is easy to read and helpful in understanding importance of making good choices and how to make them. He tells much of his own story and yet as a reader I felt as if I could negotiate my way to success.
M. Glenda Rosen

Reading Lessons Learned gave me insight about myself. Dr. Cohen's stories' are heartfelt and inspiring while encouraging you to be the best you can be! A must read.

An inspirational and motivating book that makes you question what you want and how to obtain it.
J.N.C 93

I completely enjoyed reading this book. The style in which it is written is wonderful, and the action steps at the end of each chapter summarize the information so that the reader can then apply it to their own life and circumstances. It offers many opportunities for self-reflection, and is a must read for anyone looking to improve their negotiating skills.
Lisa A. Seigh

When I first received Lessons Learned: How to Negotiate the Life You Want to Live by Dr. Harris R. Cohen, I thought to myself, “Good, a book on how to negotiate.” I thought it would be similar to
Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal, which had literary coinages stuck in my memory regarding
financial dealings and how to gain the upper hand. However, after paging the first few chapters I
realized this book was not about any negotiation skills regarding bargaining with other people; rather Dr. Cohen dealt with the negotiation within one’s self. Lessons Learned is a collection of memoirs, chapters of his own life, which in each case bestowed upon the author a lesson of knowledge gained through experience; hence he developed the wisdom he now sought to share.

Although not blatantly a funny book, Dr. Harris R. Cohen writes from an inner voice of humor
combined with humble honesty in a non-judgmental way. He’s not embarrassed to discuss his
mistakes, fears and the challenges he needed to overcome to gain his self-actualization which he
obviously achieved evident in his literary persona. From stories including recaps of how he needed to deal with bullies as a child, odd teachers in school, dating and marriage, his professional development as a chiropractor, he then morphs his thoughts into reminiscing events such as skydiving, sports, and one of my favorites, “Where’s the Pony,” dealing with attitude.

One story had a twist about a young man playing football. He was slightly below average as an
athlete so the coach would keep him on the reserve sideline. One day the young man asked the coach if he could miss practice to take care of a family issue, and the coach agreed, thinking it wouldn’t be important if he played or not. When the boy returned just prior to a big game, he asked the coach if he could be picked for the kickoff return. The coach saw “something different” in the young lad so he allowed him the opportunity. Well, the ball was kicked, the young man received the kickoff and ran over 90 yards to score a touchdown. To paraphrase the story’s moral, when congratulated by the coach, the boy said, “Do you remember meeting my father during the Parent’s Day?” The coach said, “Yes, he is blind, I remember you Dad.” The boy replied, “My father passed away. That was the reason I needed to skip practice.” The young man continued and said to his coach, “This was the first time my Dad was able to see me play.”

Lessons Learned: How to Negotiate the Life You Want to Live is an impeccably written fast moving
book with terse, to-the-point stories, each of only a few pages in length. It can be picked up and
started again or read in one sitting, making it an ideal book to accompany a reader on a trip. The
stories, albeit dealing with Dr. Harris R. Cohen’s life, are by no means unique to only him. Often while reading this I thought of my own instances which paralleled the situations described. By choosing the book’s milestones as examples, I feel the author purposely wanted to make his lessons more a reflection of “What worked for him,” instead of preaching to others what they should or should not do. Dr. Cohen interleaves questions for the reader to ponder from time to time, as well as quotations from famous people with insightful realizations; lingering readers to pause and reflect. This book would make a good gift for a young adult, as well as an addition to a family library or even a professional waiting room for others to pick up and enjoy, story by story, until the messages of faith, kindness, relentless perseverance and honesty becomes imprinted as Dr. Cohen’s Lessons Learned.
Peter Beardsley - Hollywood Book Reviews





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