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“Imagine that you are in an airport walking through an endless maze of hallways before finally reaching your gate, where you will sit for hours waiting for your plane. As you are walking, a bookshop catches your eye, and you drop in. There are hundreds of different books from which to choose. What is it that draws you to a particular book?”
—Dr. Harris R. Cohen

Introduction to “Lessons Learned”

Whatever has drawn you to this book is a strong indication that its content could be very important to you. This may be a rare opportunity to learn how you can achieve your goals: whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual. Once you understand the process of how and why you make everyday decisions, you are able to better understand and negotiate with yourself. This allows you to pursue an enlightened, more natural path toward all that you desire. Reading this book can change the course of your life—so take a chance and start right now.

You can achieve your goals, gain a positive attitude toward the success you want...this book, this work, will inspire you with positive ideas and practice solutions!



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