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The Weight Loss Dilemma
As a young man, Dr. Cohen lost 60 pounds and has kept it off for more than 40 years. During this frank discussion, he shares his insights on making choices that lead to a healthier and happier life.   With the right attitude he believes that you can achieve your goals.  For more detailed information on weight loss please visit the following link:

Good Form Fitness Weight Loss

Keep Your Thinking On The Right Track
Dr. Cohen will give a brief background in the way the human mind thinks.  Through stories and humor, he will convey to the audience how people can change the way they perceive problems and turn these problems into challenges for change that could yield positive results.

Fix Your Mind/Fix Your Body
It is well documented that our thoughts and how we perceive life can affect bodily function in various ways.  Dr. Cohen introduces the audience to the mind/body connection and how it relates to specific physical changes that differ when one thinks positively or when one thinks negatively.

Purposeful Dreaming
The human mind talks to itself at a rate of 20 to 200 words per minute.  This is called self-talk and is basically how we think.  If you could direct your thoughts in a positive direction versus a negative one, your outcomes may become more productive.  Through anecdotes and humor, Dr. Cohen will demonstrate techniques to dream your way to success.

How to Raise Your Success IQ
People often second-guess themselves or “beat themselves up” after they have made a decision. Dr. Cohen will discuss specific techniques that you can use to convince yourself that you have made the right decision, thus changing your outlook. The more positive feedback you give yourself, the more successful you will be, and the higher your success IQ becomes.

In each of his presentations Dr. Cohen shares a compendium of different stories with various meaningful endings. He explains how each of these stories illustrates the process of how to reach the best conclusion based on the information available at the time allowing you to make the changes you may want to make.

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